Hangars for Ultralight Aircraft

The Ensign Ultralight Hangar lets you fly in the time it takes to open the electric doors, roll your ship out and do a preflight. At the end of a day of flying, just roll your bird into the hanger and flip the switch to close the doors. Youíre ready to go home in as little as 5 minutes.

The Ensign Ultralight Hangar offers the convenience of leaving your plane without the worry of sun (ultra violet), wind, rain and sand damage.

In kit form, all the parts required for a complete functioning hangar are supplied. This includes an assembly instruction manual that has been laid out in an exact sequence so the assembly of your hangar will go smoothly. Each step in this manual has photos and/or drawings to simplify and clarify the assembly process.

Every effort has been taken to insure you have a trouble free assembly experience and that you will be satisfied with the finished product. The best materials have been chosen for each specific part of the hangar in order to provide years of trouble free use.


• Hangar capacity:  One ultralight aircraft

Hangar Construction

• Frame sections:  Welded square steel tubing and steel plates. All frame sections primed.
• Exterior sheet metal:  26 gauge steel, aluminum coated, factory painted.
• Electric door opener:  Solar charged, battery powered, winch and cable system.

Assembly time

• Approximately 100 man-hours.


• $9,900 FOB Hemet, California.

Additional benefits of a hangar:

• No UV working on your plane covers when you arenít flying
• No dusty, dirty covers to remove
• Fly in the calm late evening with no worries of installing protective coverings in the dark
• No fighting wind or rain while installing protective coverings
• A place to do maintenance out of the sun and wind even on rainy days
• A place to get out of the sun or rain and share stories with friends

Ensign Hangars

Ensign Hangars